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Looking for the perfect venue for a destination wedding but don’t want the hassle of wedding planning then look no further, Weddings at Sea by Fahy Travel is launching this May with a whole new take on a destination wedding. Getting married on board a cruise ship! This exciting concept is becoming hugely popular amongst single sex couples and same sex couples and  Weddings at Sea by Fahy Travel are delighted to announce they will be the only dedicated weddings at sea service in Ireland.  The fully experienced team headed up by Caroline O’Toole are offering a full array of wedding packages on board the most luxurious cruise ships around the world as the backdrop to a couples special day. The wedding can take place on board the ship or on a shoreside ceremony followed by a romantic cruise honeymoon and the best part is all this is available at a fraction of the cost of a standard wedding. Family and friends can join you for the ceremony or be part of the full cruise.

Caroline O’Toole previous Manager at Fahy Travel and Cruise Worldwide at Fahy Travel is at the helm of the new innovative offering for engaged couples or for couples looking to renew their vows.  Caroline will be joined by fella expert cruise Fiona Flaherty with a combined fourty years in the travel industry between them. Both have built up amazing relationships with cruise liners from around the world they can advise on the best option for every couples own individual needs. The cruising customer in the past was seen as an older generation with disposable income, “times have changed“; Caroline said “We are now seeing all ages experiencing the most amazing cruise ships on the water. From families, couples, groups there is a cruise for everyone.”

Four years ago Caroline saw as an opportunity to have a weddings on board these magnificent ships and she now finally sees her vision coming to life on May the 8th when they launch the new brand to the Irish Market. Caroline said; “I had a bride enquiring about weddings abroad, we discussed a number of different options and when I explained a new concept of possibly having her wedding on a cruise they were blown away. A year later and eighty-eight happy guests the wedding was held on an MSC Cruise off the coast of Italy. The setting was stunning, the fun was amazing, and the cost was a fraction of what they would have paid choosing another option.” The bride said “Caroline was incredible, available 24/7 via email and phone as well as many drop-ins! Every one of our 88 guests relayed their ease in dealing with her and her flexibility and approachability, as well as any other staff they encountered in Fahy Travel.

Caroline and Fiona have collaborated on eight weddings on board the most stunning ships in the world, with each wedding they have learned valuable insights into what works best for different couples. They have the right formula that will make the experience as memorable as possible.

Fiona and Caroline’s passion for cruising is undeniable, and their overwhelming excitement about their new project is infectious, Fiona says; “Cruising is the most amazing experience and to have your wedding on board a cruise ship is just fantastic and so romantic. The process is so easy and straight forward, we will do all the organising for the couple and their guests. It is probably the most cost-effective way of having a wedding abroad. There is also the option to get married at one of beautiful stops along the cruise. It really is magical, and we will do all the work. The destinations are endless. Cruising is open to any generation for any kind of celebration from a wedding, same sex weddings. renewal of vows, 70th birthday, family get-together or even hen parties which is becoming very popular. Guests can go on a 4-day cruise at a very reasonable price.”

Caroline and Fiona know that knowledge is key, having travelled extensively throughout their careers including stunning locations such as South Africa, The Maldives, Dubai, USA and Italy while also managed very successful weddings at sea already both are certainly specialists in their field including lavish and exceptional honeymoon destinations.  With this however must come exceptional customer service and being part of the award-winning Galway Travel agency Fahy Travel is certainly proof of that with every customer receiving the highest standard of care and attention when deciding on the most memorable trip of their lives.

Weddings at Sea by Fahy Travel launches on the 8th May in their Galway location however this service is available nationwide. There are many packages available to suit every budget and party size. Caroline and Fiona can meet you by appointment in the Galway Store or they will travel to you. All are welcome to the launch evening on the 8th May from 6pm to 8pm.

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